Current Situation: 10.15am 05/11/2010

Weather Alert

Weather forecasts, in conjunction with the City’s tidal surge early warning system, suggest a severe low pressure off the west coast of Ireland in combination with southerly/easterly winds of 70km per hour gusting to 100km per hour over the coming days. The combination of high tides and low pressure increase the possibility of coastal flooding, particularly at high tide around midnight on this coming Sunday, 7th November and midday on Monday, 8th November.

Dublin City Council has started to deploy temporary flood defences in potential at risk areas.  Alerts will be issued through the radio and other media when more information becomes available.

Car parks on the seafront at Clontarf and Sandymount will be closed from Sunday 7th until the evening of Monday 8th November. Motorists are advised not to leave cars in these areas, as they may be at risk from flooding, due to wave action. Local Road closures may be required and these will be identified closer to the weekend as more reliable weather forecasting is available.

Further updates will be given as soon as the information is available from Met Eireann


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