New Development Adopted for Dublin City on 24th November 2010

Press Release 24th November 2010

Dublin City Council at their meeting of the 24th November 2010 adopted a new City Development Plan to cover the period 2011-2017. The Plan will be the framework for the sustainable development of the City for the next 6 years. The Plan now has a core strategy that seeks to achieve a compact, quality, green and well-connected city. It provides the foundation for creating real, long-term economic recovery and socially inclusive communities.

The Plan is a culmination of a 2 year consultation process, which involved thousands of submissions being made by the public. The Elected Members debated the various issues raised and resolved many contentious issues. For example, the Plan now contains far greater clarity on the limited situations where taller buildings may be considered. It also provides a more defined framework within which height and density are determined.

There is a major focus on how the Plan can assist in promoting economic development while also focusing on the themes of community, culture, the environment, urban form and movement of people. The objective is to create strong communities connected by a quality public transport, cycling and walking system and recognising the importance of the built heritage and an extensive greenspace network.

The Plan comes into effect on 22nd December 2010


For further information contact: Dublin City Council Press Office on 086 8150010


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