Update on the weather conditions – Dublin Region – Saturday 4th December 2010

Dublin City Council wishes to advise the public that although the Dublin Region has experienced a thaw in the last 24 hours the current cold weather is expected to continue into the middle of next week

The heavy snowfall as deposited large amounts of snow on roofs. In some cases the current thaw is causing the snow to slide of the roof suddenly and quickly. This presents a potential hazard and people should avoid standing or walking directly under overhanging roofs. This advice should be taken by smokers standing outside pubs, restaurants and other premises.

A radio transmitter on Three Rock Mountain which serves Dublin Bus is currently not working. Civil Defence and Wicklow Mountain Rescue are attending the situation and are doing everything possible to fix the problem with the transmitter.

Dublin City Council appreciates the efforts of people clearing the snow from in front of their premises.The Council would like to remind people that there is no liability attaching providing people do not create a health and safety danger in clearng the snow. The Attorney General’s legal avice on this can be found on http://www.transport.ie

Dublin City Council continues to treat the city’s main road network and pedestrin streets in the city centre and suburban villages.

Pedestrians and other road users are reminded to continue to exercise care at all times.


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