Water Supply Update 13th December 2010 16.30

Due to a huge increase in demand for water in the past week, all areas will have their supply restricted from tonight (Monday 13th December) up to and including Wednesday 15th December from 7pm to 7am.  The position will be reviewed as the week continues.

Dublin City Council is appealing to consumers in the Dublin Region to reduce their water consumption and in particular, people are asked not to leave taps running.

Customers should note that it will take time for the water to make its way through the pipe network while the system ‘recharges’.

There is no need for people to fill baths or store large quantities of water – water tanks in every home or business will have sufficient quantity to cover the amount of water needed when water will be restricted.

To view a map of Dublin City Council water systems and areas associated with each system, please click here

We would like to thank people for their patience and cooperation and we would ask that people report locations where they see water running/rising  to the contacts given below.

Bogus callers may use the current water problems to gain access to houses. If a member of Dublin City Council calls to a property they will always carry and produce identification. If the caller asks you to check the flow of water at the taps, close the door fully while you do so. If you are in any doubt do not allow access.


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