Water supply situation – Christmas 2010

The treated water storage levels have improved to a point which will allow the water shut-offs to be ceased for a period over the Christmas holidays. We would like to thank the people of Dublin for their co-operation in helping to reduce the demand for water.

However due to a combination of factors which have resulted from the freezing temperatures,  including an increased rate of breaks on water mains and supply pipes, the water supply situation is still very finely balanced between supply and demand. The forecasted thaw later this week may cause the rate of water mains breaks to increase. This would result in higher demand and may also cause further localised disruption to consumers as we locate and repair them.

Following the Christmas period Dublin City Council anticipates that it may be necessary to continue with restrictions in order to conserve supplies.

People can assist Dublin City Council in continuing to meet water demand, by conserving water,  For advice on conserving water please see www.taptips.ie

Please report  any location where water is running or rising to Water Services (contact details below) and please repair any breaks on your own property as quickly as possible.

Dublin City Council regrets the inconvenience caused by any necessary restrictions and  we will do everything possible to minimise their scale and duration.

For Further information please contact:
Dublin City Council, Water Services Division:  01-2220600
Emergency Number:  01-6796186 (outside office hours only)
Email:   mainswatercomplaints@dublincity.ie


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