Dublin City Council Water Supply Update (as of 3:45pm Monday 17th January 2011)

Due to the continued improvement in drinking water storage levels and in the water supply/demand balance, a further easing of restrictions is now possible.

There will be no shuts imposed tonight (Monday 17th January) or tomorrow night (Tuesday 18th January). There will be a general pressure reduction across the city and this will be restricted in most cases to the over night period so as to minimise the impact on consumers.

The situation will be further reviewed on Wednesday morning and a decision made at that stage as to what regime of shuts/pressure restrictions will be needed for the rest of the week. At this stage Dublin City Council would like to thank all its consumers for their patience and cooperation during the period of the restrictions.

The following locations may experience loss of supply due to localised problems:

  • Blackhall Place
  • Gilford Road/Park Avenue
  • Kilmainham
  • Crampton Square
  • Bride Street
  • Martin’ s Row
  • Erne Street Little

Broken mains are being found and fixed and this is helping to improve the situation. Many of these have been reported by members of the public and we ask that people continue to assist us in this regard (contact details are given below), as well as by reducing their consumption of water in every possible way. A large number of internal leaks have already been identified on properties; we would ask all property owners to check for leaks on their property as soon as is possible, bearing in mind that some leaks may not be visible.

Dublin City Council appeals to the owners/operators of car washes which use mains water to discontinue their use for the duration of the current water supply crisis. Similarly, we ask owners of private cars to refrain from washing them for the moment.

Bogus callers may use the current water problems to gain access to houses. If a member of Dublin City Council calls to a property they will always carry and produce identification. If the caller asks you to check the flow of water at the taps, close the door fully while you do so. If you are in any doubt do not allow access.
Emergency Number   01-6796186(outside office hours only)
Email                         mainswatercomplaints@dublincity.ie


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