Met Eireann Rain Warning at 10:50 24th April 2012

25 to 30 mm of rain is expected to fall in the period from 6am Wednesday 25th April 2012 to 6am Thursday 26th April 2012. It is possible that in excess of 25 mm will fall within the period from 9am to 9pm on the Wednesday 25th April 2012. (Warning valid from 9am Wednesday, 25th April 2012 until 9pm Wednesday, 25 April 2012)

The predicted amount of rainfall is considerably less than that which caused extensive flooding over the City on the 23rd and 24th of October 2011 when close on 100mm of rain fell in a 24 hour period. Nevertheless Dublin City Council is monitoring the situation in liaison with Met Eireann and the emergency services. The City Council has also placed resources on standby to attend to flood locations that may arise. Gullies and river screens in flood prone areas are being cleaned and monitored during the warning period. The City Council will have a stock of sandbags placed on standby for strategic deployment. Owners of premises that consider themselves at risk of flooding are advised to make suitable provision to defend their own premises.

Advice on how to do so is available on the website

Extreme rainfall events, because of their nature are unpredictable in behaviour and as such pose flood threats to premises in all parts of the City. Householders are advised to listen to the radio or log onto the website  for weather updates from Met Eireann.

While there is no threat of tidal flooding the City Council as an additional reassurance to residents in the lower Dodder area will close the tidal gates at this location.

Please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions in relation to flooding


Useful Information

Flood Prevention

The Office of Public Works has prepared 5 booklets to assist householders / property owners on flood prevention measures for their properties.These booklets are available online at or can be downloaded below.

Assessing Flood Risk

Making a home flood resistant

Preparing for a flood

In the event of a flood

After a flood


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