Update Re Water Quality in the St Lawerence’s DMA Clontarf (Area From the Howth Road to Castle Avenue and from the Howth Road at Collins Avenue to Clontarf Rd)

Update Wednesday 15th August 2012 at 6:55pm

The restrictions on water in the St Lawrence DMA remain in place to protect public health. The City Council  investigative work is focussed on the South East of the area at Castle Avenue. Results from water samples taken this week in the DMA have indicated the quality of the water supply is reaching compliance following the replacement of valves in the local distribution network at Castle Avenue over the weekend which improved water circulation in the distribution system. Following consultation with the HSE on the results of the water samples we are preparing to review the advisory notice for the DMA tomorrow. We confirm again that water is safe to drink and cook with provided you boil it first and the water can be used for bathing, washing clothes and dishes.
The support of the HSE in seeking resolution of the issue is greatly appreciated.

We recognise the inconvenience caused and apologise. We are very appreciative of the resident’s forbearance and the courtesy and support of our tanker crews and water services staff as they work to identify the location of the problem.

Dublin City Council confirms it is safe to use water directly from the taps to bathe in, wash dishes and do laundry.

  • Dublin City Council water tankers are on site in the affected area of Clontarf to supply water to householders and businesses. They will be located at the locations below until 7:30pm today (Wednesday 15th August) and from 7:30am to 7:30pm tomorrow (Thursday 16th August).
  • Castle Avenue at Kincora Avenue
  • St Lawrence Road at the Howth Road

In conjunction with the HSE, Dublin City Council confirms that water is safe to drink and cook with provided you boil it first.   Water can be used for bathing, washing clothes and dishes.

Test results in adjacent water supply zones confirmed the issue is localised to the St. Lawrence DMA in Clontarf.

General Information:

Coliforms are a group of bacteria commonly found in the environment, for example in soil or vegetation. Some of the samples taken in the St Lawrence’s DMA have indicated the presence of Total Coliforms above the standards required in the Water Supply Regulations. Total Coliform bacteria are not likely to cause illness.

No E.Coli have been detected in any of the water samples tested to date.

Esherishia Coli (E.Coli) is a member of the Coliform group of bacteria that is found exclusively in the mammal. The presence of E.Coli in water indicates recent faecal contamination, and may indicate the possible presence of disease causing pathogens.

Dublin City Council apologises to our customers for any inconvenience and to thank them for their patience and cooperation.

Click here to see a map of the affected areas (PDF 582kb)

The areas affected are located within the purple boundary on the map

The streets affected by this notice are listed below:

  • Howth Road from Hollybrook Park to Collins Ave
  • Hollybrook Park
  • Hollybrook Road
  • Lawrence Grove
  • St Lawrence Road
  • The Stiles Road
  • The Stiles Court
  • Victoria Road
  • Haddon Road
  • Castle Avenue from Clontarf Road to Kincora Road
  • Castle Road
  • Kincora Drive
  • Kincora Grove
  • Castle Grove
  • Dunseverick Road

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