Dublin City Council Announces End To Clontarf Water Restrictions

Dublin City Council confirmed to local residents on Thursday 16th August  that the recent local problem with water quality in the St. Lawrence District Meter Area (DMA) of Clontarf which affected 1,400 consumers had been fully resolved.

Leaflets were hand delivered to every water consumer in the DMA to confirm resolution of the issue.

In consultation with the Health Services Executive (HSE), Dublin City Council wishes to advise that:

  • The drinking water supply is now fit for human consumption and there are no public health issues.
  • Consumers in the St. Lawrence DMA in Clontarf may now use the water as normal.
  • There is no further need to boil the water before use for drinking and cooking.
  • The Precautionary advice issued by leaflet drop on the 5th August 2012 and subsequently updated to “Boil Water” advice on 7th August 2012  is withdrawn.
  • As there is no further requirement for the water tankers, they  were withdrawn on Thursday 16th August at 3pm.

The water restrictions were imposed to protect public health. We recognise the inconvenience that these restrictions have caused. We apologise for the inconvenience and we thank those affected for their co-operation and patience. In particular we thank those affected for the courtesy and support they have shown to our Tanker Crews, Water Services staff and Central Laboratory staff as they worked to resolve the problem.


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