High Tide Today (Friday 14th December 2012) – Update

Dublin City Council has put in place a number of measures to deal with this morning’s high tide which is expected to be in line with that predicted by Dublin City Council’s Flooding Advisory Group. These measures should deal adequately with the high tide and include the following.

  • The car parks at Sandymount promenade and at Clontarf are closed today.
  • A limited number of large sandbags have been put in place in Clontarf
  • The flood gates on the River Dodder are closed and will be closed for the weekend.
  • The flood defences on the River Tolka have been put in place.
  • The Liffey Boardwalk defences are closed.
  • Spencer Dock Flood gates have been closed.

 Dublin City Council maintains a stock of sandbags at various locations for strategic purposes and will be deployed by Drainage staff, if required in both Sandymount and Clontarf.

 Marine Drive at its junction with Beach Road and Strand Road has been closed using large 1 tonne sandbags.  It will be reopened in the afternoon.

 A “Tide Report Centre” has been set up to take calls from the public. This will be operated until 3 pm today when the high tide will have subsided. Tel: 222 2155.


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