Nightly Water Restrictions to apply to all areas of Dublin City this Weekend

Water restrictions will be put in place from 10.00pm tonight (Friday 29th March)to between 7am and 9.00 am tomorrow (Saturday 30th March).
We will be reducing pressures throughout the system over the weekend in order to conserve supplies. While we will make every effort possible to maintain pressures during peak demand periods,  pressures will be reduced during the times indicated above. This will result in lower pressures and in some cases possible loss of supply. People may notice reductions in pressure or loss of supply throughout the entire city.
This will assist us in replenishing treated drinking water levels to a normal level. A review of levels will be conducted again on Tuesday next, to determine if our reservoirs are adequately full such that the restrictions can be lifted.
The reason for the restrictions is twofold. Treated water storage is currently at an unsustainably  low level due to the unseasonably cold weather which has caused an increase in leakage. Our crews are repairing any breaks to the public mains as they arise. To help us in this regard we are asking people to report any location where they see water rising or running over the ground. They can do so by using the Emergency Telephone Number 01-6796186 outside office hours.
Coupled with the cold weather, a minor production issue at our Roundwood Water Treatment Plant has also caused a reduction in supply, further reducing water levels. It should be stressed that there is no problem with the quality of treated drinking water or with storage levels of untreated/raw water.
In an effort to maintain storage at a sustainable level, we are asking consumers to help us in restoring adequate water supplies by restricting their use of water as much as possible. We are asking people to visit for easy water saving tips.
Dublin City Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by these restrictions and will do everything possible to minimise their scale and duration. We are asking consumers bear with us while we work to restore the water supply to normal.

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