Reductions in pressure and/or loss of supply throughout the entire city from 7pm (Monday 1st April) to between 7am and 9am (Tuesday 2nd April)

Due to the cooperation of our customers we managed to save a significant amount of water into storage over night. However, we are imposing water restrictions again tonight, starting at the earlier time of 7pm. A further review of water levels will be conducted again tomorrow to determine if Stillorgan Reservoir is back to a sustainable level such that the current restrictions can be lifted.We will continue to review and monitor the storage levels on an ongoing basis.

It should be stressed that there is no problem with the quality of treated drinking water or with storage levels of untreated/raw water.

We strongly urge consumers all over the Dublin Region to help conserve water by restricting their use of water during the day as much as possible, especially over the coming days. Small adjustments to some of our daily activities can help to significantly reduce the volume of water we use without impacting on our lifestyle.

Easy Water Saving Tips include:

  • Keeping a jug of water in the fridge instead of running the tap – running a tap for one minute to produce one cold glass of water wastes 6 litres of water;
  • Not delaying in the shower – 10 minutes in a power-shower uses 250 litres of water which is two-and-a-half times more than a bath does (100 litres);
  • Turning the tap off for two minutes while brushing your teeth will save 12 litres of water;
  • Turn the dishwasher and washing machine on only when they have a full load;
  • Minimising use of the flush on toilets and if using a dual flush system, use buttons 1 (small flush) and 2 (large flush) correctly.

We are asking people to visit for easy water saving tips. We will make every effort possible to maintain water pressures during peak demand periods, but pressures will be reduced during the times indicated above. This will result in consumers across the entire city experiencing lower pressures or in some cases a possible loss of supply.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and will do everything possible to minimise the scale and duration of the restrictions. We wish to thank consumers for their cooperation so far and are asking consumers to continue with their water conservation efforts and to bear with us while we work to restore the water supply to normal.


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