High Tide Update – Wednesday 5th February

Today’s high tide is due at 3.33 pm. The measures put in place by Dublin City Council should deal with the predicted high tide level. There is likely to be wave overtopping at both Clontarf and Sandymount.

The precautionary protection measures consist of :
  • The 1 tonne sandbags which were put in place at Clontarf to deal with the January high tides have remained in place in anticipation of this weekend’s high tides.
  • Large capacity pumps will be put in place at Clontarf to assist in dealing with potential flooding.
  • Depending on the wave action the Wooden Bridge at Clontarf may be closed.
  • The car parks along the promenades at Sandymount and at Clontarf will be closed and pedestrian access points sealed.
  • There is a possibility that Strand Road and Beach Road in Sandymount will be closed due to wave overtopping.
  • 1 tonne sandbags will be put in place and pumping will be put in place at Stella Gardens. This follows interim works carried out at the location.
  • The Boardwalk along the City Quays will be closed.  A review will be conducted following the high tide.
  • There may be lane closures on Victoria Quay and on Wolfe Tone Quay due to localised flooding. Additional preventative drainage measures have been put in place at these locations since the January high tides to minimise the risk of road flooding.
  • The River Tolka flood gates are being put in place.
  • The flood defence gates on the River Dodder will remain in place until after the high tides have passed.
  • Flood protection measures will be deployed at Beatty’s Avenue, Ballsbridge.
  • Pumping arrangements are being put in place at Macken Street / Cardiff Lane.

Dublin City Council is liaising closely with an Garda Síochána and with Met Éireann and a further risk assessment will be carried out  tomorrow morning.

We would ask that people please stay away from sea walls and not go close to them to take photographs. This is extremely dangerous and places an unnecessary and additional burden on the Emergency Services.

Property owners at risk of tidal flooding, particularly in the Clontarf and Sandymount areas are advised to protect their properties. Suitable guidance on flood protection measures can be found on the website www.flooding.ie


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