Disruption of Water Supply

Friday 28th February 2014 until Sunday, March 2nd. 2014

Dublin City Council advises that following a break on a large water distribution main there will be disruption to water supply resulting in reduced pressures and the possibility of temporary water shutdowns in the red shaded areas from today, Friday 28th February 2014 until Sunday, March 2nd. Dublin City Council hopes to minimise the disruption times and apologises for the inconvenience caused.

Please restrict water usage during the disruption period.

For further information please contact:
Dublin City Council
Water Services Division 01-2220600
Emergency Number 01-6796186 (outside office hours only)

Affected Areas

Click on the map to view the full sized Image as a PDF

Water is precious. Let’s conserve it. Tá uisce luachmhar. Caomhnaímís é.


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